1. 1. What is FRESH HOPE?

    1. FRESH HOPE is a concept to bring produce from the farmers directly to you, eliminating all the mediators to provide a better price to customers and farmers both. The orders received in a day are directly purchased from farmers, packed and delivered to customers at home.
  2. 2. Does FRESH HOPE have an outlet or a store?

    1. No. We only have warehouses and a head quarter to manage backend activities. We don’t have any outlet and don’t indulge in retail.
  3. 3. What is the working model of FRESH HOPE?

  4. 4.How to place an order?

    1. You can login/signup on the website and place an order using the “make and order link” option or directly searching and adding product to cart.
    2. Also you can call or text us @8283866554 and our executives will take your order.
  5. 5. What is the minimum order value?

    1. The minimum value is 200/- for free delivery eligibility else the 20/- delivery charges are charged.
  6. 6. When can I place order?

    1. You can place order anytime any-day between midnight to midnight on the website and between 7am in the morning to 10 pm in the evening via phone call for next day delivery.
  7. 7. What will be delivery time?

    1. You can choose your delivery time at the checkout and if any slot is already filled it will become unavailable. In that case you can call the customer care and they can try if they can help you.
  8. 8. Are all fruits and vegetables locally grown?

    1. Almost all the vegetables and maximum of fruits are local grown; some items are from the cold storage.
    2. Even some of the out of season items and exotic items are also locally grown using green house setups...
  9. 9. Can I visit the farms?

    1. Yes ofcourse... for that, just call the customer care @8283866554 and they shall arrange a visit to the local farms for you. Where you can meet our farmers, their families and we would encourage you to bring your family too and have a great day with us. ☺
  10. 10. Can I schedule my order for a later date?

    1. Yes. Please call the customer care for that.
  11. 11. How can I return the items I didn’t like?

    1. In is highly unlikely that you will have a problem with our service and quality at fresh hope. But we still encourage you to check all the items before you take delivery and if you don’t like the quality of a certain item, we advise you that you don’t receive it and pay the bill amount after deducting the price of that item. And we may send replacement as soon as u like.
  12. 12. How can I cancel my order?

    1. Please call the customer care to cancel any order and the order can be cancelled the same day as placing of the order before 10 pm. Any cancellation after that cannot be completed as the plucking happens after midnight.
  13. 13. Can I add more items or delete some?

    1. Yes. For that you may have to call the customer care and they shall manually change the order.
    2. For adding an item; you may raise another order and both will be delivered together.(if any delivery charges are shown at the time of placing order, please ignore that, they will not be charged at the time of delivery)
    3. For deleting an item please read the cancellation policy point above. You can not delete an item after 10 pm on the same dat.
  14. 14. What if I don’t find what I am looking for?

    1. We try to cover as many items as possible; but we all know that green grocery is a vast field and the product range keeps changing with seasons. So if we have missed something please leave us a feedback or call us @8283866554 or chat with our executive. We shall try our best to make that available.

We have tried to cover as many points as possible so that you can understand all about it. But still if you can’t find the answer to your query, please feel free to call us @8283866554. Thank you for visiting FRESH HOPE.