About Us

THE FRESH HOPE is a concept to bring produce from the farmers directly to customers,eliminating all the mediators to provide a better price to customers and farmers both. The orders received in a day are directly purchased from farmers, packed and delivered to customers at home.

Be it your salad, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack, we have something to be a part of it.

Forget about the hustle of going to Mandi and Market in Rain, winter or harsh sunlight to get your daily needed Fresh Fruits and vegetables And recieve them tension free at your doorstep with our Mandi compared rates and Free home delivery at your given time of the day.

Almost all seasonal vegetables are taken from local farmers thus helping the growth of them and providing a better livelihood. All the fresh, fragrant vegetables and seasonings like Mint (pudina), Coriander (Dhaniya), Spinach (Palak) are plucked right before delivering you, thus ensuring freshness.

We have all Vegetables and Fruits that can be found in Mandi on any given day and even have items that are subject to availability in Mandi or market, but we have it all year around, thanks to our Farmers with Green houses. 🙂

You shall find variety in even basic vegetables like potato on the website, namely Pahadi aloo, red potato, local potato; In onion, namely Red Onion and Pink onion(used in western dishes); In lauki, namely lauki and gol ghiya etc are to name a few.
We have all the fruits from all over the country delivered directly to you, namely Apple(all Washington, kashmiri and Kinnaur), Banana, watermelon, Kiwi, Papaya, Pomegranate, Chikoo, Mango(langda, dashehri, sindhuri, Alfanso, Raw etc), Babhughosha, Nashpati etc are to name a few.
Also the Exotic items like Dragon fruit, Red Globe Grapes, imported Plum, Canary Melon, Dried Apricot, Imported Pear, Malta, Lettuce, Iceberg, Parsley, Pak Choi, Celery, Avocado, purple Cabbage, Basil etc are available along side whose availability is almost scarce in local mandi. We ensure the Quality is great and does justice to our reputation.

Rest feel free to explore the Website and shop for healthy, tasty and fresh vegetables and fruits of your choice and need